MIT Professor Alexander Slocum Visited Jiangsu


On July 28, MIT Professor Alexander Slocum paid a visit to Jiangsu and engaged with a group of local companies dedicated to equipment manufacturing and new energies development. The two sides had productive talks over the cooperation on “vibration harvest system of conduction machinery”, “heat energy utilization system of thin film photovoltaic tube”, “wind power gear box design”, etc.     

Mr. Slocum is professor of mechanical engineering, director of Precision Engineering Research Group, member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers and White House policy advisor. Weird, comical and fanatic, Slocum always stands up to the most difficult challenges in new energies, medicine and precision engineering with his persistent passion and dedication. In 2009, during Obama’s visit to MIT, he elaborated the marine renewable energy system for the President with a toy wind turbine and pots filled up with sand and water. In the 2010 oil spill accident in the Gulf of Mexico, he was appointed by the Energy Minister as a member of the science advisory group and played an indispensable role in resolving the crisis with his world-leading expertise. His research projects, characterized by advanced technologies, creative ideas and high application value, have a good market prospect in new energy equipment and medical devices.       

Slocum’s visit to Jiangsu was arranged as part of the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) between MIT and Jiangsu Science and Technology Department (JSTD). This program provides Jiangsu companies and research institutes with access to abundant MIT resources and cutting-edge technology projects, as well as opportunities to participate in MIT events and engage with world-leading experts. 

For Jiangsu companies, it is a rewarding experience to have face-to-face interactions with Professor Slocum, who has brought not only cooperative projects and also innovative concepts, ideas and approaches. This is exactly the objective of Jiangsu-MIT Program.