CITTC 2014 was Successfully Convened


From Nov. 6th to 8th, the 4th China Jiangsu Conference for International Technology Transfer and Commercialization (CITTC) was successfully convened in Jiangsu. Sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST) and Jiangsu Provincial Government, the Conference invited nearly 200 delegates from more than 100 international organizations in 12 countries and regions, including team leaders of prestigious research institutes and high-tech companies, engineering technologists, members of multinational technology transfer agencies and officials of government departments. Meanwhile, nearly 600 representatives of more than 300 large-scale companies, high–tech and innovative enterprises from Jiangsu have also been invited.

The participating international organizations mainly come from Europe and North America and are concentrated in the areas of biomedicine, information technology, new energies, new materials, equipment manufacturing, including MIT, UCLA, IBM, Oxford University, Bpifrance, University of Western Ontario, Technion of Israel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Federal State Unitary Enterprise S.V. Lebedev Institute of Synthetic Rubber, Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (NUS), etc.

Focusing on the theme “Open Innovation and Win-Win Cooperation”, the Conference provided an excellent opportunity to establish or expand business network with prospective partners, and gave a glimpse of the technology development both in Jiangsu and around the world. The program included keynote speeches, technology briefings, roundtable meetings, B2B meetings, and site visits to different cities of Jiangsu.

3 international delegates from world-renowned universities and research institutes of strong innovative capacity, as well as representatives from MOST and Jiangsu government, delivered keynote speeches on innovation-oriented international cooperation.

More than 700 people registered in the i-PIC system. Within 3 months prior to the Conference, Jiangsu and international participants were actively involved in on-line interactions and made more than 600 appointments. Based on the predetermined 319 meetings, the Conference finally accomplished more than 350 meetings. 

Delegates from Canada, France, Russia, Finland and Israel, and representatives of prestigious universities made presentations on their latest technologies and cooperative projects. MIT and IBM delegations discussed with Jiangsu companies in roundtable meetings.

On Nov. 7, some international delegates were organized to visit the high-tech companies, industrial parts and start-up platforms in Nanjing, Yangzhou, Zhangjiagang and Danyang.

Since 2008, Jiangsu has successfully organized four sessions of China Jiangsu Conference for International Technology Transfer and Commercialization (CITTC). The conferences brought together more than 1000 international delegates with professional expertise, facilitated a number of cooperative projects, creating a widespread impact both at home and abroad.