MIT-Jiangsu Workshop on Material Science


As part of the annual program for Jiangsu-MIT industrial R&D cooperation, Mr. Mark Beals, Associate Director of Research for the MIT Materials Processing and Microphotonics Centers (MPC), paid a visit to Jiangsu and give a speech on a material science workshop in Nanjing on March 13. The workshop, which attracted the attention of 40 Jiangsu companies in the industry, provided an overview of the latest research achievements in the cutting-edge fields of the material science by MIT professors.

The mission of MPC is to unite the relevant research resources and facilitate the interface between industry and the broad materials research community at MIT. As one of MIT’s industrial cooperation platforms, it involves the cooperation projects of nearly 50 MIT professors of material science. The research scope includes electronic materials, energy materials, polymer materials, nanomaterials, metal alloy materials, materials adhesion, etc. After the workshop, Mr. Beals visited several Jiangsu companies (Hengshen Group, Sinoma Science & Technology, Nanjing Belilida and XCMG) to see their production and research, learn about their cooperative intent, and introduce relevant achievements of MIT professors according to their problems.    

Since 2013, when Jiangsu became the first regional partner of ILP, there have been 30 companies in the province that have benefited from the interactions with MIT professors, and several cooperative projects have been initiated. The visit of Mr. Beals will increase the confidence and motivation of Jiangsu companies in undertaking more cooperative projects with MIT professors in the field of new materials such as nano coating and new synthetic materials.